Hey, ‘Happy’ness dropped in to say Hi…

My friend and I were chatting about my recent Blogology craze … we both love to write but have strikingly different styles and choice of topics – she specifically loves writing poetry, penning human emotions and personal lessons in love and life … while I am yet to discover that something ‘specific’ for myself 🙂 …  I guess my mind’s still that unfocused teenager who can’t stick to one thing yet when that focus sets for a while, an urge to explore every detail gets in 😀  …  so, while I was thinking of what to focus on next, that I would enjoy writing about, among a bunch of options dancing in my head, I happened to ask her – ‘Any suggestions on what to write next?’ and pinggg came her reply – ‘Write on friendship,.. love,.. happiness,.. contentment’ … not a surprising answer from her – well, I told you, these are her favourite topics 😉 but then I thought – why not? ..and I chose to share my thoughts on Happiness … ‘coz ultimately we seek the rest of them all to finally derive Happiness – we want friends to share some happy moments, want to be loved to feel happy and contentment also is sought to feel happy … so happiness it had to be 🙂

I was spending a while with myself mulling over all that could make me happy and some super big things I saw 🙂 – I saw success, I saw fame, I saw lots of moolah (hehehe), I saw name and then I stopped … and turned back in my past … I started thinking of all that has truly made me smile or laugh till now and I felt moments – a naughty friend pulling my pony tail and me responding back with giggles; a fun piggy-back ride from papa; dancing to Govinda numbers; winning discounts while shopping; getting a word in crossword puzzle; laughing my heart out while reading a scrapbook; a sudden one-off interesting conversation with a stranger in the train 🙂 ahhh, they kept coming and I happily got lost in them … well yesss, success, fame and money did feature but they were also coupled with their short life and side-effects 😉

When I come to think of it I feel these unnoticed small happy moments actually come with a motive – a motive to make you happy not only when you live them but also when you cherish them. The best thing is that unlike success or fame, they remain unaffected – no change can change them – they are here to stay – in that very unexpected moment and in your memories.

This actually made me curious – I started observing others more keenly – trying to catch a moment of theirs when they smiled 🙂 … I also tried to make friends share their off-the-cuff unexpected happy moments through a thread on facebook … Those few little happy moments that I caught told me more about happiness than all the big things I wished for to make me happy 🙂

I have learnt … Happiness loves to come in small surprise packages, often when not expected 🙂 and even if you don’t come across a single happy moment in your entire day, have a look around – a child’s face or an sms or a book or a TV show may just effortlessly get that smile on your face 🙂


3 thoughts on “Hey, ‘Happy’ness dropped in to say Hi…

  1. Happiness…a ‘topic’ much discussed in the pages of these psuedo-spiritual writers of fame quite so often. YOurs was so undiluted, so spontaneous and so real. Keep it this ay as always.

    Love, Amrita.

  2. A friend name Geetanjali says..not a bad start love 🙂

    you can also write about love and friendship… may be you will see how these 2 little things govern our this big life 😉

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