All the thinking it takes… to feel ‘Happy’

Sometime back I had posted some of my general thoughts on Happiness and am now sharing a video of Daniel Kahneman, eminent psycologist and Nobel laureate, that shows some serious study on the effect of remembering self and experiencing self on happiness… and well by the end of it, it also breaks the long-sold notion that ‘Money can’t buy happiness’ because the result that came out of a Gallup survey, discussed in the video, proves that money (income) does actually buy happiness and lack of money (income) can possibly make one feel miserable… hmm, most of us will very well agree to that, won’t we? 😉

Daniel Kahneman has a well-acclaimed book, “Choices, Values and Frames” to his credit which he has co-edited with the late Amos Tversky. I haven’t read the book but from the summary and reviews read about it, it seems he shares the example of patients undergoing colonoscopy from his book in this video.

So, enjoy the video… you may find the talk interesting and have your own thoughts on agreeing or disagreeing with his theory


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